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Music is the universal language that offers a common bond among all people. It evokes emotions and rekindles vibrant memories. Music allows us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritage and to explore the realms of our imagination, expression and creativity, resulting in a higher leve༒l of awareness and perception. The Malaysian🦩 Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) education & outreach activities focus on helping the wider community appreciating and enjoying classical music.





MPO Lecture Series

Masterclass and Workshop

Music Appreciation

Demonstration & Performance Session

Instrumental Lesson

Individual / Ensemble

Music Camp

Side-by-side performance

Schools' Concert

Welcoming schools to MPO concerts


MPO as a guest jury/panel

MPO Lecture Series

A masterclass is a high-quality, advanced learning experience. It allows the participants to dive into a particular work and a🍒ttend to the fine details. An expert artist will critique and advise accordingly on their instrumental and performance techniques and etiquette.

Music Appreciation

Music appreciation sessions discusses information regarding composers, the instruments and ensembles, and the different styles of music from an 🍷era.

This session involves listening to recordings o🧜r performances of musical works to encourage participants to explore, understand and appreciate various types of music.

Instrumental Lesson
Individual lesson with the MPO tutor on student’s main instrument on a weekly basis.

Group lesson for various instruments within the respective section of the orchestra such as flute, oboe and clarinet, and a group of students playing the same instrument (violin ensemble or cello ensemble) on a weekly basis.
Music Camp
The package includes the options below:

Customized programme cura🥂ted for a s🍃pecific group of students based on their competency level.

Sectional rehearsal with assigned MPO t𓂃utors for💧 each instrument.

Tutti rehearsal and performance led by assigned conductor for the ꦕprogramme.

Side-by-ꩵside performance with the MPO teaching faculty.

Schools' Concert

The one-hour concert package includes:

Customized programme curated for a specific group𝄹 of students based on their c𓂃ompetency level.

Q&A session after concert with the conductor and MPO musicians, and learn more about the music, programme, and instruments.
An invitation for an MPO musician to be a guest at higher learning institute, schools and colleges, a music competition or a festival.

Recent Activities

View here for the list of programmes and services 

Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding MPO Education & Outreach, please contact us via email at

Launched in 1999, the MPO Education and Outreach programme aimed at bringing and sha♍ring the joy and experiences of classical musiꦯc to local community throughout the country.

The myriad of weekly activities, together with MPO concerไt performances, makes Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP) the equal of any music centres worldwide.

From Perlis across to Sabah, we brings the joy of 'live' music performances to thousands of people of all ages and helps to support the burgeoning music culture in Malaysia.

Our Story

The impact of raising awareness is extensive, ranging from full audiences at school concerts and visits by MPO musicians to schools, to musicians who have pursued higher education abroad, graduated, and returned home to contribute to the community.

Whether you're a seasoned beginner, a child prodigy, or somewhere in between, we have something to offer you.
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