The Juice: Waste Not

A recent study found the average family of four throws away the equivalent of 11 meals a month. But those "sell-by" dates we all worry about are really just a guideline, and you can still use most foods after they expire. Here are eight foods that all last at least a week longer than their sell-by dates . . . 

1. Milk. It's usually good for another week.  

2. Yogurt. Also about a week. 

3. Hot dogs. At LEAST another week after they expire. 

4. Bacon. It lasts about a week longer than the use-by date as long as it's unopened. 

5. Eggs. They're good for about a month after the sell-by date. 

6. Butter. Also about a month. 

7. Cream cheese. Again, it's still good about a month after the sell-by date. 

8. Other types of cheese. A block of cheese can last up to a month-and-a-half after you open it, unless there's mold. And even then, you can just cut it off and eat the rest. But if there's mold in pre-shredded cheese or soft cheeses like ricotta, throw it away. 


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