The Juice: Unethical Life Hacks

I don’t even know why we are letting you all know about these, but here are nine unethical life hacks that just might help you get by! 

1. Get free breakfast whenever you want by stealing it from hotels. Most of them have a free continental breakfast, and you don't always have to show them a card or anything to prove you are staying at the hotel, so you can just walk right on in, grab a plate, and start eating! 

2. Get a free phone charger by telling a bartender you think you left yours there. This works because drunk people are always leaving their phone chargers at the bar, so more than likely, the bartender will grab a handful of chargers and you can pick one that will fit your phone! 

3. Get cheaper parking at parking garages. Just get a ticket like normal when you enter, but when you are ready to leave the parking garage, run up and grab another ticket. Use that one to exit! You won’t have to pay near as much. 

4. If something breaks, just buy another one . . . switch it out with the old one . . . and return it with the new receipt. Make sure you keep the receipt though! Otherwise, you will probably just get in-store credit. Apparently it works best at big chains like Walmart. 

5. Save on fruit and vegetables at the grocery store by using the self-checkout. When you weight everything as “apples” it makes it much cheaper.

6. Get free Chipotle by using a credit card that doesn't work. Their business motto is “keep the line moving.” So according to a former manager, if your card won't work and you make a big stink about it, they'll usually give it to you for free. 

7. Try to pay for fast food with a fake coupon. Then act really sorry when they tell you it's no good, and start fishing through your purse for money. If you don't have cash and you're nice about it, they'll probably give it to you for free. 

8. Don't cancel a trip last-minute and lose your deposit . . . just reschedule it, and pick a date that falls outside their "no refund" deadline. That way, you can log back into their website the next day and cancel for a FULL refund. 

9. Get through airport security faster by traveling with a cane. If you walk with a limp and pretend to have trouble with your bags, someone will move you to the priority screening area and you'll get to skip the line. 

Again, these are terrible things that you should NEVER do. But hey, they work supposedly ;)

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