The Juice: Losing ____

Are you one of those people who constantly lose their keys, their phone, their shoes...anything? And then you look for ages or stand lost in thought, trying to remember where you had X item last? Well you may be able to relate to this story. 

According to a new survey, it takes an average of 5 minutes and 20 seconds to find something you misplaced around the house. And we waste TWO-AND-A-HALF DAYS a year searching for lost stuff. Here's a few more stats from the same survey:

1. The six things we misplace the most are the remote, our phone, our keys, our glasses, our shoes, and our wallet or purse. Over 70% of us can't find the remote at least once a month. 

2. 60% of people have been late for work or school because they couldn't find something . . . 49% have missed an appointment . . . and 35% have gotten into a fight with their significant other. Men are more likely to blame someone else than women. 

3. The three places we look FIRST are our purse or bag . . . the couch . . . and the pockets of whatever we wore the day before. 

4. 40% think that getting older is one reason we lose stuff. But millennials are actually twice as likely to lose stuff as baby boomers. 

5. 69% of us have found something ELSE that was missing while looking for a lost item.


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