The Juice: Waste Not

A recent study found the average family of four throws away the equivalent of 11 meals a month. But those "sell-by" dates we all worry about are really just a guideline, and you can still use most foods after they expire. Here are eight foods that all last at least a week longer than their sell-by dates . . .

The Juice: 2016

…and this is what 2016 has come to. A new study found we touch our phones an average of 2,617 times a day. That includes every single touch, tap, and swipe

The Juice: IKEA Recall

IKEA issued a recall last week for 29 million dressers that can tip over. And if you've bought one from them in the last decade, you can probably get a refund. But around 25,000 kids are injured by falling furniture every year. So here are five safety tips you should know about if you have children.

The Juice: Not-so American Cars

American cars really aren’t that “American” after all! The concept of an "American car" is LONG gone. At this point, their parts are made all over the world, they're assembled all over the world, and they're sold all over the world. just released their annual list of the most American-made cars. It's based on the percentage of the parts that are made in America, and the number of cars that are assembled here. And all five of the most "American" cars are JAPANESE brands: