The Juice: Scroll, Scroll, Scroll

Staring at screens all day can be rough on your eyes. A new study found about 90% of us now stare at screens for at least two hours a day. And 52% regularly use two devices at once, like using a laptop while you're watching TV. So what kind of problems can it cause? People in the study say they suffered from blurry vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain and more.

Here are four ways to make things a little easier on your eyes . . .

The Juice: Getting Back on Track

We're less than a week into the New Year . . . which means there's a decent chance you've already failed at your New Year's resolution. So here are four tips to help you get back on track...

The Juice: Dreams

Even though some people say they never dream, often times they DO dream, they simply can't remember it. Here are a few facts about dreams:

The Juice: Moms are Time-Savers

Ever wonder how/why your mom was able to do so much, especially in the morning rush rush rush hours? A new survey found the top ways moms save time to make things go smoother earlier in the day. Check them out!