The Juice: New Diet Fad

Here's a new diet that doesn't require you to cut out any foods . . . add any foods . . . or even exercise. But it requires you to do something a bit strange…

The Juice: You're Doing It Wrong

A dentist suggests we've been brushing our teeth incorrectly. Instead of brush, floss, rinse, or even brush, rinse, floss...this doc suggests we floss, rinse, then brush!

The Juice: Unethical Life Hacks

I don’t even know why we are letting you all know about these, but here are nine unethical life hacks that just might help you get by! (Did we mention they're unethical? This is for humor, we're not saying to attempt!)

The Juice: How's Your Status?

It's Red Tuesday! Do you know what that means? It means you're more likely to be dumped TODAY than any other day of the year!