The Juice: Internet Obssession

It's official: the internet has literally taken over our lives at this point. A new survey found the top 10 things people would rather give up for a month than WiFi or their phone's data plan . . . and it basically covers EVERYTHING we love. Check it out...

The Juice: Itchy - Eye - Oh

Do your eyes itch? Well…maybe this explains it! Apparently MILLIONS of us have microscopic bugs crawling around near our eyes right now . . . and we have no idea.

The Juice: Coloring your Instragram Photos

Do you enjoy those new “adult coloring books”? Well, here’s something that might be a little more personal for you to try out!

There's a new website called Color Me Book that turns your Instagram photos into line drawings for an adult coloring book.

The Juice: Apologies

Researchers at Ohio State studied how 750 people reacted to different types of apologies, and found the six steps you need to follow for the PERFECT apology.

Hint: It starts with the words "I'm sorry"

The Juice: New Driving Tips

There’s a list online of a few things we all learned in driving school that are actually wrong, mainly because the technology in cars has come a long way.