The Juice: Not-so American Cars

American cars really aren’t that “American” after all! The concept of an "American car" is LONG gone. At this point, their parts are made all over the world, they're assembled all over the world, and they're sold all over the world. just released their annual list of the most American-made cars. It's based on the percentage of the parts that are made in America, and the number of cars that are assembled here. And all five of the most "American" cars are JAPANESE brands:

The Juice: Shocking Habits

We could all probably use one of these for one thing or another! There's a new product for sale right now called the Pavlok wristband that helps you break a bad habit with ELECTRIC SHOCKS.

The Juice: Internet Obssession

It's official: the internet has literally taken over our lives at this point. A new survey found the top 10 things people would rather give up for a month than WiFi or their phone's data plan . . . and it basically covers EVERYTHING we love. Check it out...

The Juice: Itchy - Eye - Oh

Do your eyes itch? Well…maybe this explains it! Apparently MILLIONS of us have microscopic bugs crawling around near our eyes right now . . . and we have no idea.

The Juice: Coloring your Instragram Photos

Do you enjoy those new “adult coloring books”? Well, here’s something that might be a little more personal for you to try out!

There's a new website called Color Me Book that turns your Instagram photos into line drawings for an adult coloring book.