The Juice: Getting Back on Track

We're less than a week into the New Year . . . which means there's a decent chance you've already failed at your New Year's resolution. So here are four tips to help you get back on track...

The Juice: Dreams

Even though some people say they never dream, often times they DO dream, they simply can't remember it. Here are a few facts about dreams:

The Juice: Moms are Time-Savers

Ever wonder how/why your mom was able to do so much, especially in the morning rush rush rush hours? A new survey found the top ways moms save time to make things go smoother earlier in the day. Check them out!

The Juice: Waste Not

A recent study found the average family of four throws away the equivalent of 11 meals a month. But those "sell-by" dates we all worry about are really just a guideline, and you can still use most foods after they expire. Here are eight foods that all last at least a week longer than their sell-by dates . . .

The Juice: 2016

…and this is what 2016 has come to. A new study found we touch our phones an average of 2,617 times a day. That includes every single touch, tap, and swipe